Welcome to the Alternative Realities web site. The company owner, Alan "Big Al" Tuskes, chooses his crew on a  per project basis from a highly talented and professional pool of artists and technicians whose combined talents have been seen in such films as Godzilla, Eraser, From Dusk 'till Dawn, Spawn, The Faculty, and many others. A personal resume  for Big Al is available elsewhere in these pages.

Alternative Realities would be happy to consider any project, from the largest studio production to the smallest independent films; television, CD-ROM, live theatre, museum and theme park attractions. We offer a diverse list of services, from conceptual design consultation to final product application or installation on location.

The following pages have further information about our services and capabilities, as well as samples of our work and information about how some of this work is created. We hope you enjoy your visit, and appreciate your feedback and support.