Halloween and Other Fun Stuff


The three most common questions asked of makeup effects people:

Do you have nightmares about this stuff?

How much would something like that cost me?

I bet you're busy at Halloween, aren't you?


Here are a few things done for fun, for practice, for friends.


My friend, Carl Taliaferro, as the Dumpster Diver. Carl, being a totally different person in makeup, gladly wrapped himself in plastic, grabbed a bottle of Thunderbird, and sat up against a dumpster outside a 7-11 store in Lakewood, Ohio for our photo session. The illusion was good enough that the clerk at the store called Lakewood's Finest to get me to stop harassing the "poor old bum".


Carl, being a glutton for punishment, chose to dress up as a Klingon for a Star Trek convention quite a while before it was fashionable to do so. He made his own costume; I did the makeup. This managed to get him on the front page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer the Monday morning after the convention.


How could I refuse?

When my niece, the rabid Star Trek fan, approached me about being made up as a Klingon for a convention, how could I possibly resist. She was 10 years old at the time, and as precocious as they come. (She's in college, now. Jeez, am I getting old....

My wife slicks back the hair on the front of Danielle's head using Gafquat, the concentrated resin that is the base of most hairsprays.

After the Gafquat dries, a partial baldcap, custom made off her headcast, is set in place to protect her hair from the surgical adhesive used to hold the appliance on.


After the bald cap is glued down, the appliance is placed and carefully adhered, starting above the nose and working outwards, the outside edges being done last..

After gluing the appliance down firmly, the edges are blended in with a mixture of Pros-Aide adhesive and Cab-O-Sil (commonly called "Cabopatch" or "Bondo")


Then the coloring is applied, in this case I used Kryolan rubber mask greasepaint. Normally, one would use a Pros-Aide/Acrylic paint mix called Pax paint, but it can be annoyingly difficult to remove, especially on a 10 year old.

Make sure you don't miss anything, especially the neck, and behind those tiny little ears...


Then comes modeling, accenting the features with highlight and shadow. As the subject was supposed to be a child, I didn't have the luxury to hide any sins in a skin mottle.

The makeup is set with translucent powder, and the ventilated eyebrows are applied. Ventilated hairpieces have the hairs tied, individually or small groups, into a fine lace fabric.


The final makeup, with wig attached. In this instance, the wig was only a partial fall made from human hair. I found that in a second-hand store, in fine shape, for about five dollars. Danielle spent all day in the makeup, had a great time, and even entered the masquerade at the end of the day.


That would be the first place trophy for the junior division of the masquerade.