Italian Vogue "Roswell"

An interesting concept, to say the least.

Fred Ward (Tremors and The Right Stuff) and European super-model Guinevere are in period clothing cruising around Roswell in Fred's 'Vette, when they happen upon a crashed flying saucer and it's unfriendly occupants. Fred and Guinevere are first captured by the diminutive ET's, but manage to turn the tables and save the day, even giving Guinevere time to do about a dozen changes of incredibly expensive designer clothing.

This project was mostly creating an over-the-head  mask, and then adapting it to fit five different little people. Because of the diversity of head shapes, the mask acquired a different external structure on each character, helping with the illusion that each alien was a different character. My friend, Mike Walters, actually did all the prep work. I went to set with him to do the blending and any additional makeup that was required.


The aliens check out Fred's 'Vette. The space craft debris is actually parts from a variety of dismantled aircraft. You can rent anything in Hollywood. Oh yeah....they do get a little pissy when you set fire to their rental goods.


Mars Needs Women!!


Fred Ward breaks free and grabs one of the weapons. The weapons used were rented from Modern Props. Closer inspection revealed that some were originally made for, and used in, Men in Black.


Fred and Guinevere turn the table on the alien invaders, sending the packing to Wright-Patterson AFB to be cut into bite size chunks and preserved in alcohol.


Two of the little people pose with one of the beautifully designed and machined prop weapons.. The location for this shoot was the El Mirage dry lake bed, which you recognize from Independence Day.


A closeup of one of the aliens. The masks had a force cured latex skin, and were backed with polyfoam. Foam latex blenders were used around the eyes and mouth.


A quick snapshot of Big Al with the aliens just as we hit the Golden Hour.