Ed French's

Baldcap: The Video

Big Al was technical advisor and applied most of the makeup to award winning makeup artist Ed French for this instructional videotape, quite possibly the best available on the market (I may be biased, though.)

The following is a step-by-step pictorial of the application of the "Death" makeup on Ed, an homage to the Bergman film "The Seventh Seal". For an even cooler effect, "Death" played chess against Ed without makeup, requiring tricky editing, as well as the services of Bill French, Ed's brother, to stand in for some over the shoulder and partial profile shots. Ed even went so far as to call the Swedish embassy to get a correct translation for certain lines in the video.

Makeup artist Ed French.

Baldcap applied. trimming and blending in process. Eyebrows being flattened with gum.


Ed with one cheek/brow applied.

Both sides applied and blended.


All pieces applied and blended.

Pax paint base applied.


Makeup complete. This makeup was painted in a stylized fashion to make the most of the fact that it would appear in glorious black & white in the finished video..

Ed, in costume, is fitted with a lavalier radio microphone.


Ed, as he appeared in the final video. Ed's brother, Bill, portrayed Ed in over the shoulder shots such as this one.


Ed as "Travis" from the Baldcap video, this time in homage to Dick Smith.


Ed's tape is available from finer makeup supply shops, large costume outlets, and shops that supply the makeup effects industry. Check the links page for some of the purveyors who carry it.


One of the niftier projects the I worked with Ed on was the Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" video. Most people just can't believe that that's really Trent Reznor's face....  the wig form just doesn't look like it would be large enough to house a human head. This is the best angle for the shot; any other and the illusion doesn't work nearly as well.